Entry #5


2009-03-31 01:01:30 by ElectroGirl

What's up, guys?
Talk! :)

Anyone have the MP3 files for any of the old songs I had on here?
I want to revise them and re-submit them.


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2009-04-13 03:59:40

I wish, i only have one of your songs but you already have it posted =P

I always delete my songs. well..
I tend to work on a 2min song,
then i quit without saving.
If i cant do it twice, then im no good i think.

have you heard my new song demo. Tomb ravers


2009-04-15 19:28:15

hey i just listened to your song Nexium and it was awesome. and y did u take down your old stuff? i wanted to listen to more of your music :'( anyway it would be cool if you could check out some of my music. im pretty new to making music and it would be cool if you could give me some tips or something :P


2009-04-17 02:02:46

Yo that sucks. What kind of music you into?


2009-04-17 23:36:47

I actually got Weekend Has Come Remix and Out of Your Love(nice song btw) on my computer. My computer is unfortunately broken... It should be repaired soon...

I can send u those 2 songs if u want it...

Just PM me.


2009-05-15 21:47:22

If that in the picture is your dad then he certainly IS scary.


2009-06-29 06:03:52

Hey there, shame about your computer stuff being destroyed, I've had the same thing happen to me. By the way, I like the new photo of yourself.


2009-08-17 16:09:01

you make fine music, and i hope to see more soon.


2009-09-06 12:21:58

Hey I just have to say, Ozone is totally hot off the iron kettle pumpin' in the houzz chill tastic.
Nexium? Weeaaaaak sauuuce. But of course I'm probably not in the mood for that style right now. so eh, grain of salt.

Why do you write music?


2009-09-15 20:35:12

sounds like ur having a blast. we gotta colab sumtime tho.


2009-09-16 17:28:12

What is it doing? I could most likely fix it, I repair computers and build them for a living. Anyways great music.


2009-09-17 06:57:17

Dont mind me doubting your a girl

ElectroGirl responds:

You're a girl.** Don't mind me doubting your bad at grammar.
Haha, sorry. I just corrected you and mocked you in one response.
I just hate it when people say I'm not a girl and question my gender!
nohardfeelings. <3<3<3


2009-09-22 13:09:50

Nice tracks.^^

ElectroGirl responds:

Thanks. :)


2009-10-21 09:02:43

So shitty that WMG had to remove it!

ElectroGirl responds:

lol, my bro posted that anyway.


2010-02-12 21:30:25

First: its blocked so i cant comment on the video no matter how much i love heavy metal.

Second: how did you get that banner on the top of your page

Third: I think that i you combined a heavy metal guitar riff with your dance type style it could be..be... MY WORD ITS A MONSTER(in a good way)!! Good luck if you decide yes!


2010-08-30 12:47:36

Why haven't you made tracks in yonks?


2011-05-04 01:24:56

Hi Electro Girl! I'm the Exstatic Juggalo. I've noticed that you've corrected grammar, so I figure I'll let you know that ecstatic is spelled incorrectly on purpose.

I think it sucks that you lost your old jams and shit, but to be honest I want to hear something new from you anyway! I love the only two submissions that you have and I crave more!



2011-06-15 19:46:00

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2011-06-18 10:37:55

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I may need more tunes for future installments of the game so PLEASE link me to a better portfolio of your past songs! I enjoyed what I've heard so far! :)


2013-03-10 13:56:51

I only have: Out of Your Love.


2013-08-01 13:13:54

Long time no speak. Are you coming back?


2014-10-06 13:44:45

Guess not.


2015-04-26 07:04:01