Leaving NG for a bit.

2008-10-01 11:59:46 by ElectroGirl

I'll be back in like a year with better tracks. Life's just gotten too busy. I'll still be on AIM sometimes though. :)


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2008-10-02 19:23:28

neeeww pictures!!!!!!! ones that arent u when ur 14.: P cya around


2008-10-02 19:24:44

whoa whoa whoa what happed to out of love and ur cascada aong *sigh*


2008-10-03 19:05:54

Oh dear. I was so looking forward to some new stuff from you, but I can totally understand how busy it gets this time of year. Take care of yourself out there. Hit me up on AIM and such whenever you're on.


2008-10-08 12:55:08

EEK! What happened to your other tracks? I knew I should have DLed them when I had the chance. Are you ever going to repost them?


2008-10-31 13:06:19

Get on AIM or add my to xbox live, i wanna have sum fun wif ya : D
you seem really awesome/fun


2008-11-02 10:11:57

Is your MSN still fucked? :[


2008-11-09 12:04:28

I love that Nexium song, as soon as I heard it I threw it onto my ipod and I've been listening to it for weeks, great stuff and really looking forward to hearing more from you !


2008-11-21 23:38:11

hey your too busy xD
i wrote another song and more lryics..

but i really like using FL but i still have the demo