Entry #1

Paradise on E MIDIS!

2008-05-20 12:04:32 by ElectroGirl

I had a lot of people ask me for midis of this song so they could remix it so I took the liberty of playing them on my midi keyboard.

Enjoy (all 3 main PoE leads)

If you want me to make the midis from any other song post a comment here and let me know. TTYL.


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2008-05-20 22:11:11

Cool, bout that bikini pic.......

ElectroGirl responds:



2008-05-20 22:45:18

good job on those midis, even though i don't like bounce too much, but hey nothings wrong with using em lol, and for some reason that pic reminds me of the time some guy from a school in my area, acted as a girl with that same pic and had a myspace with numerous pics, and just tried to setup some date thing with me and tried to get me to send him a pic of my penis on my phone to him lol, he got two of my other friends cause they were stupid but not me haha, but anyways nice job on the midis, get on aim more often


2008-05-23 21:14:21

thanks for that, but the right tone is F# minor :P


2008-06-14 17:15:46

This is crazy stuff!, please use this in your paradise on E please! ^-^
use this with an kick-ass bass line, that would be awesome, and an great Trance pad. and summ synthzz :D ooh this is gonna be awesome :D, I know 4 sure =3

good luck ;)


2008-06-18 14:26:20

hi, I have been highly progressed since my last *crappy* song :P
you might want to check it out ;)


2008-07-20 18:14:43

You might want to resubmit them, because the link seems to not work any more :P